Current Members

Ron Henry       40-01
Scott Caldwell  40-02
Rich Weyant    40-03
Gus McGinnis   40-04
Craig Amick     40-05
Tim James       40-06/ Financial Sec.
Nate Caldwell   40-07
Matt May         40-08/ Vice President
James Lang     40-09
Chip Eckard     40-81
Travis Hughes  40-82
Jeff Smith        40-84/ Secretary
Chuck Meckley 40-91/ President
Shawn Toth     Treasurer
Mel Edmundson Fire Marshall
Don Shock       Firefighter
Makayla Ellis    Firefighter
Ed Bender       Firefighter
Doug Grace     Firefighter
Shawn Deterline Firefighter
Mike Flaugh     Firefighter
Corey Salyards Firefighter
Mike Nycum     Firefighter
Josh McGinnis  Jr. Member
Meghan May    Jr. Member
Robbie Dennis  Jr. Member

About the Freedom Township Volunteer Fire Company

Company Overview

Freedom Township Vol. Fire Company primarily serves Freedom Township and a quarter of Blair Township. The company also has mutual aid agreement with neighboring company, Friendship Fire Company Station 60.

The company averages close to 400 calls a year including QRS (Quick Response Service). We house 6 pieces of apparatus.

  • 2004 KME Engine/Rescue 40-31
  • 1992 Autocar Engine/Tanker 40-21
  • 2001 International Tanker 40-22
  • 2001 Dodge 3500 QRS unit 40-41
  • 2001 Dodge 3500 Brush unit 40-71
  • Military 5 ton Brush Tender unit 40-72 (not in service yet) (almost)

Company By-Laws