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New website for Freedom Township Fire Company

As we venture into the building of our new website, The Freedom Township Volunteer Fire Company will continue to update this site, as needed, to keep you, our public we serve, and those that continue to support us with our up to date information. We plan to give you an easy site to navigate to let you know what events we have in the future and also to show our citizens what services we provide. Please continue to stay in touch with us with any concerns or questions you may have. Please have patience, as our members who update this site, do it in their own, free time. We feel the need to have a strong public communication, to help serve you better and to take your requests for fundraisers very seriously. We offer a wide variety of services and want to continue to be able to serve you. Along with our dinners, drawings, and festivals, we also offer catered banquets, hall rentals, hoagie sales and chicken BBQ’s for the public and also for private fundraisers. Please call or E-mail us for more info.
The members of the Freedom Township Volunteer Fire Company thanks you for your support. Without you, we would not exist.

Special thanks to RabidEagle Enterprises for their help with this site.